Heat Death of the Universe

156 - Nuke My Moon Away

August 05, 2022
Heat Death of the Universe
156 - Nuke My Moon Away
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Show Notes

We discuss three desperate, pleading, bottom of the barrel ideas to halt climate disaster: nuclear war, dim the sun with chemicals in the air, and blow up the moon (for real). Celebs be private jetting too much (and Jason learns about just how far LA really is from NYC). Biden gets covid again. The CDC hates your fucking guts. Amazon expands its Cthulhu-like tentacles into the medical industry.  Bank of America fucking hates your guts. Child labor in Alabama. WH Press Secretary has a mind-bogglingly stupid "Who's On First?"-type exchange with a reporter about the border wall that Biden's building, not  finishing...or finishing, not  building...? Biden keeps his research staff busy pretending not to find things. The nation is thriving. Andrew Yang created an idiotic political party beyond parody.

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