Heat Death of the Universe

179 - Designated Surmiserz

October 08, 2023
Heat Death of the Universe
179 - Designated Surmiserz
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Show Notes

Kevin McCallister's been demoted to scamming the nation and fistfucking the globe from a less visible post. Political theater prevails as the dominant mindvirus. Commander Biden's list of crimes expands further. A Danish artist hilariously cons the High Art/Tax Evasion/Money Laundering World. Chicago TV news crew robbed in a very meta-fied way.  The depraved aeronautical sciences strike another beautiful soul down once again. Trump's fraud trial serves up more fodder for hidden messages to be disseminated through Poland Spring, his Real Doll attorney and, well, We're Lovin' It™, folks.  Vovan and Lexus get more people in positions of power (Sarah Ashton Cirillo in this case) to belt out the quiet parts so loudly that upon finding out that they've been duped she claimed that the 30+ minute video and audio record of her abysmal remarks was a Russian conspiracy deepfake. We mourn Bernard Sanders' continued downfall and irrelevance as he poorly responds to Code Pink's anti-war protests. Jamaal Bowman seems to think certain fire alarms trigger openings into fun places like escape rooms, BatCaves, or alternate dimensions in which the wave phony socialists in Congress weren't just status quo at best, a more insideous evil at worst. Elon Musk did some dumb shit, shockingly, improbably. And we remember the time Grimes tried to raft her way down the Mississippi River.

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