Heat Death of the Universe

187 - How Do I Get Through to These Kids?! feat. Adrian DeLaTorre

December 04, 2023
Heat Death of the Universe
187 - How Do I Get Through to These Kids?! feat. Adrian DeLaTorre
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Show Notes

Alright, we did it, you got us. Just like every other podcast in the world  we decided to celebrate our 187th mainline episode with a viewing of the classic 1997 film, One Eight Seven. We're joined by Adrian DeLaTorre from the Never Seen It podcast to discuss and do a little postmortum examination in a longer-than-the-run-time-of-the-movie episode. We talk about the teacher-in-tha-hood subgenre, mid-90s errata, the inability of Samuel L. Jackson to be bad in even the worst movies, the peculiar fun of incoherent screenplays, sucking on crucifixes, Pyrrhic victories, and much more.

Very Unfortunate Note: The first hour and twenty minutes of the raw recording of Adrian's track was lost to a rare Zoom recording error. Luckily the remaining two hours and four minutes of raw recording is intact. So the opening will have some odd moments where you're encouraged to imagine the funny and interesting things Adrian said. For example we had a good sidebar on the legacy of Waterworld (also directed by 187's director), Henry Kissinger vampiric-romantic fan fiction, the nature of the guys-talking-about-whatever genre of podcasts, and more. I've tried to insert as many director commentary-like alerts where these moments occured but went horribly unsaved by the our Skynet overlords, the ghost in the Zoom machine.

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