Heat Death of the Universe

189 - An Immense and Complex Quantity of Brain Fog Protocol

December 17, 2023
Heat Death of the Universe
189 - An Immense and Complex Quantity of Brain Fog Protocol
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Trump's new humble, playfully self-effacing persona sells us pieces of his mugshot suit. Biden remains senile as ever, 65 years on the kibbutz, all compressed down to a 2.5 month timespan, will do that to a feller. TERRORISM-FENTANYL SCREAMS ACROSS OUR SKIES. Slick Willy Clints uses language-violence to make fun of Hilldawg. Satanists will troll to make a valid point, and weirdos will take it too seriously. Bryan Johnson still thinks he'll escape the eternal icy claws of nothingness forever, but no amount of grass- juicing, erection-counting, or bowel-prioritizing will ever let you truly evade the tireless grind of the Universe. You will die, Bryan Johnson, just like all of us. Josh will soon enter the ThunderDome of Florida and hurl various footwear at Meatball/wad Ron's target of a forehead. Argentinian Arby's will be the legacy of totally normal, non-sister-fucking Javier Milei, especially after completely gutting the Argentinian government.  Biden accuses Israel of literal warcrimes, but knows not what he does, Lord. John Kirby is the most evil ventriloquist dummy cursed to experience the world and wander it forever. The blessed Hasbara Machine keeps on churning out hits. The surgically-precise "dumb bombs" keep falling. Soldiers get diap'd up. No hospital, home, school, UN safezone or Palestinian "life" can withstand all this mega-flexing right-to-self-defense death rained down from the anti-Amalekite skies.

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